Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Seaweed Anyone?

I was at the co-op with the kiddos today and was chatting with an older couple when the man asked if my hair was naturally blonde..I have to say that's the first time anyone has asked me that. We were talking about the kids and he was wondering if they got their blonde hair from me.

Later, we passed the ever-present basket of sale-priced seaweed snacks and Adrian asked for the bazillionth time what they were. He wanted some so I said what the heck, what if he actually likes them. (I think they taste pretty nasty in case you were wondering.) When we got to the car he took a little nibble and despite the look on his face declared, "Yum! These are good!" Isaac shoved his whole, into his mouth. Hours later, he just had 2 more and shoved them in whole. This is the exact reason that I never decide for my kids what they should or shouldn't like. I think they taste nasty but apparently Isaac loves them!

I'm planning to paint the deck railing next week so in preparation, I have been scraping the loose and chipping paint. So much fun, care to join me? As I was working away, the bees starting getting ca-razy. They always do around 4 or 5 o'clock. It's amazing how quickly it happens. I was vacuuming up the paint right next to this:

I'm off to make blt's with the 'l' and 't' from our garden while Isaac finishes off the seaweed.

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